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Brepolis Access information

How to access BREPOLiS?

Go to http://www.brepolis.net and click the "Enter Databases" button. This will bring you to the BREPOLiS portal page. If you have a valid ip based subscription, you will be recognised and the icons of the subscribed databases will light up.
Individual subscribers with user name and password can find a link on the bottom of the same portal page. After logging on using that link, they will be redirected back to the portal page with their subscribed database icons highlighted.
Once you are logged on, the system will display your user data in the top left bottom of the portal page.

Use of proxy server / vpn ("off campus")

If you are licensed to set up remote access for your institution using a proxy server or vpn, please make sure to configure all *.brepolis.net subdomains (currently www.brepolis.net, clt.brepolis.net, apps.brepolis.net and cpps.brepolis.net), as well as transfers between these systems by hyperlink, javascript or redirect. Many of our databases use multiple of these subdomains. If not all of them are covered, the proxy server may no longer capture all pages, or you may be not able to log in to some or all of the individual databases.

Use of load balancers

To access BREPOLiS, a user needs to maintain the same ip address to authenticate to other subdomains. If you are using a load balancer, please make sure the outgoing ip address remains constant during a user session. This can be done either by binding the outgoing connection to the internal user, either by restricting access to the *.brepolis.net subdomains to only a single outgoing ip address.

Direct links to the database / broken links

We recommend that you use our portal to access our database. This way you are sure that you will be brought to the correct database, even when hyperlinks or domains of the applications are updated. We can set up stable access links for you to use e.g. in your catalogue according to your login-mechanism. Contact us if you want a set of links for your subscriptions.

Using OpenURL

Some of our databases support OpenURL. If your library catalogue is OpenURL compliant, this system allows you to link back from our databases to your own library catalogue. Please supply us with your OpenURL base link and a link to an image to display in order to set this up for you.

About Cookies

Our database applications use cookies. These cookies are required to maintain users session information while using the database. Without these cookies, access to the databases or your account settings cannot be managed. In order for the databases to function properly and to guarantee access, your browser must allow cookies for the *.brepolis.net domains.

BREPOLiS Support Information

For more information or any assistance, please contact brepolis@brepols.net